Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 28th 2008

Pics top - bottom: Cole getting his award. Me, Dad and Carter graduation. Ella's hand painted wall hanging from Brack and Jenny. Carter with his girlfriend Lenora and her little sister Emma. Carter and Cole racing !
It’s been so long since I’ve updated the blog...and I’m sorry ! I really wish I had some big exciting news to share with y’all .....but unfortunately , I don’t. We are still waiting to hear news concerning the scheduling or the finalization of Ella’s birth Mother having an interview by the new PGN. And sadly enough, we are not alone. Hundreds of other families are in the same boat with us..... Just waiting....

We have kept busy over the last four or five weeks though ! The boys are officially on summer break ! Yee haww ! They celebrated today by hooking up the water slide and having a race. Our afternoons have been busy with baseball practices and when we’re not practicing we’re playing a game ! Carter had an opportunity to ‘pitch’ this season and did pretty good ! Cole held his own with the ‘big boys’. Cole is only 8 but was able to join the 9, 10, and 11 year old team this season. Cole played short stop and he did terrific ! The boys had their awards day this week. Carter scored advanced in math, reading, and science and a perfect in social studies on his SOL exams! Cole achieved accelerated reader and the honor roll ! SOL tests start in 3rd grade...and Carter has been nervous all year about these tests. Cole has another year before he has to get nervous! We're are really proud of both our boys !
I finally graduated nursing school and we are all thrilled. Wendel and the boys got pretty tired of hearing me say " I can’t...I have to study.."

As far as the adoption, we are just waiting to hear something. It’s been a hard couple of weeks. We were under the impression that we were close to being finished with all the drama...only to learn that the drama had just begun ! We did get a chance to have someone talk to Ella’s foster mother this weekend ! She said Ella is doing well and weighs 19 lbs. ! We can’t wait to see her again. We’ve worked a little more on her room and we placed the beautiful hand painted name hanging on Ella’s wall above her bed. My brother, Brack and his girlfriend Jenny purchased this for me as a graduation gift from one of my favorite sites http://www.ellaminnowpea-giftshop.blogspot.com/

It is my wish that the next time I post an update for the "Burke party of five" that we are able to share that our fifth family member is well on her way to joining us! Say a little prayer for us please, and also pray for Ella’s birth mom . Pray that her interview goes smoothly, that she is able to make the interview on such short notice, and has a sense of peace and comfort in her decision to have her baby raised and loved by us.
Until next time......