Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fiddlycat Farm Fresh Soaps

Fiddlycat Farm Fresh soaps have cured and are now ready for purchase ! For more information on current available scents please scroll down to earlier posts or email me at The soaps are $2.50 each which includes decorative tissue wrap with ribbon. A bakers dozen ( A sampling of each scent we currently offer) is $12.00. Supplies are get 'em while they last !
~ Have a blessed Week our friends ! ~fiddlycat

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Fall Y'all !

We had a wonderful visit to a local pumpkin patch produce farm today and the kids had alot of fun pickin' out pumpkins to decorate and apples to eat ! We are gearing up for Hallowe'en and getting our costumes ready. The soaps are almost finished and ready to ship. We've already received alot of 'preorders' so if anyone else is interested in ordering one of our soaps...just email us at

We will be selling the soaps for $2.50 / bar and $12 for a baker's dozen...(a sampling of all the soaps we have right now to offer !) I will have more pictures and details of the soaps in the days to follow.... Have a great week !

Monday, October 6, 2008

Rub a dub dub .....

Being the 'craftaholic' that I am..... I have found it virtually impossible to stay out of the sewing room or refrain from working on an ingredient list for a 'new' batch of soap. Even when the house has loads of laundry lying around....or the sink is full of dirty dishes...I find myself and the kiddos making something ! The boys decided we should make "kid's soaps". Ooooh ! I like it ! I like making natural soaps and who better ...than a sweet...soft skinned tot ....needs natural soaps ? We immediately began working on our soap scents and practiced with a few batches of 'trial soaps' and WOW !!! I think the kids may be onto something here ! These soaps are 100% natural and while they aren't fanciful .....they're made with 100% natural soap base, natural vegetable and plant oils, natural essential oils...and smell absolutely wonderful ! Perfect for sweet delicate skin. So..... if you or someone you know is in the market for a homemade fresh from the farm soap.... check back mid - late October as this is when our soaps will be fully 'cured' and ready for you !

Here's a list of our soaps that we will have to offer !

~Fiddlycat’s Farm Fresh Baby & Kid’s Soaps~
~100 % Pure ~ 100 % Natural ~ 100 % Homemade here on our farm ~

* Buttermilk, Rice & Honey
~ A rich creamy soap base to which we’ve added shea butter, vitamin E, buttermilk, coconut and grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, honey, oatmeal and rice powder. Moisturizes and protects delicate skin. A light, sweet scent that’s perfect for a scrub in the tub day or night !

* ‘Sleep Tight ’
~ Perfect for night time bathing as this soap contains soothing camomile and lavender essential oil. Honey, Grape seed, coconut, and vitamin E oil help keep skin moisturized and soft. Night Night, sleep tight !

* ‘Rise ‘n Shine’
~ Coc-a-doodle doo ! A perfect soap to awaken the senses ! We’ve added invigorating sweet orange oil and pure lemon juice for rejuvenation as well as calendula petals and natural avocado, grape seed, coconut and olive oil to soften & protect baby’s skin. Rich in vitamin C, this bar is sure to be a favorite !

* ‘ Cold Comfort ’
~ A gentle blend of rosemary and mint essential oils help comfort and sooth a winter cold while a light touch of lavender helps to relax the senses. Vitamin E, aloe and sunflower oils are added to replace the moisture that frequent washing removes.

* Ella’s Soft ‘n Gentle Baby Soap
~ A fresh out of the tub favorite ! This soap is a delicate blend of rosemary, coconut, and sunflower oils scented ever so slightly with the light, clean scent of fresh baby powder. Perfect for your favorite bundle of love !

* Carter & Cole’s Blueberry Surprise
~ Your kids wont have to be told twice to wash their hands with this soap at the sink! With the fresh sweet scent of yummy blueberries, this is a ‘Fiddlycat Fresh Farm Soaps BEST SELLER ! We’ve added crushed dried whole blueberries, oatmeal, and honey along with sweet almond, grape seed and vitamin E oil for keeping little hands soft and moisturized!