Sunday, November 22, 2009

Belated Birthday Wishes....

How on earth I managed to fall behind on this blog post is beyond me.. lol ! That's such a joke... I find these days I rarely have time to breathe. I was grateful to be offered an 'as needed' school nurse substitute job in September and they said they would probably keep me busy on my days off from the Dermatology clinic and they weren't kidding !! The flu season has taken quite a toll on the county schools here and it's been nice working in the local schools with the kids !

Our Ella is TWO !!!! SOOOOOO hard to believe this sweet child is two. Well..... let me re-phrase that... so hard to believe she's already two. She defintely has the 'two year old attitude' let me tell ya' ..... Oh... the drama with little girls !! Her vocabulary is outstanding. I hope I say that without sounding 'braggy'..... but she is very good with her words and speaks so well ! Her favorites things right now are of course, Dora the Explorer and baby dolls. She loves to put her dolls in her stroller and get her diaper bag all fixed and tell us all ' Bye... I going shopping. '

She has learned that Carter & Cole are her 'rescuer's' in that when she is in trouble .... she calls for them to come get her. We've had to explain to the boys of course that they can't rescue her and that she needs to learn there are consequenses for bad behavior. Yeah.... not workin' out too well right now...... but we're slowly getting there.....

Ella's favorite food ( believe it or not ) is tossed salad with ranch dressing ???!! She LOVES it. Always asks for more. She loves pizza too and all fruits ( grapes, strawberries, melon, kiwi..) and she still loves cajun rice and chicken !

She enjoys coloring (both in coloring books and the walls....) and LOVES to play 'waitress' She walks around holding her pencil and tablet and asks 'what you order? '

She has a bad habit right now of constantly wanting her pacifier and blanket. She walks around with her blanket dragging the floor all the time. It makes me crazy... but I know this too shall pass......

She is a blessing. A blessing that we cannot even imagine being without.