Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday the 2nd of May

I cannot believe that one month passed without one post here on the blog ! I have been SO busy with work, family, laundry, sick kids, etc..etc... that I have absolutely fallen so behind on journaling. The kids are on the mend. The boys were sick with stomach bugs....and allergies. I think it was the 2nd day they were sick the 'swine flu' epidemic was announced on T.V. Cole ( very seriously ) was frantic .... absolutely sure that this was what he had.... ( a true hypochondriac like his mom...) Ella has had her first ear infection, walking pneumonia, and strep throat ( although that last ailment was not confirmed because she was crying so hysterically at the clinic ... they just decided to bypass the throat swab....and assume she was positive...) With the help of antibiotics she is doing much much better and is anxious to get back to day care to see her friends next week !

The boys have begun baseball this season...and have had a pretty rough start so far.... both games were lost and they have had their sportsmanship tested for sure ! I have 'preached' all the way home from both games... " winning isn't everything's having fun .... and learning the game... you are still trying to learn the rules and skills of baseball..and besides've both been sick..." They each gave me that 'whatever' look and sulked in the back seats the entire way home. Nontheless.... we're really proud of them!
As for 'hot rod' ( aka: Ella Rose ) She's fallen victim to the 'terrible two's' epidemic... She has an attitude with a capital 'A' !!! Her favorite things to say currently are "NO" and 'MINE" and will hit or scratch you if you're within reach. If you tell her 'No-No' or 'that's not nice' she hides her face and cries as if you've broken her heart... and then she smiles really big and gives whoever scolded her a big kiss on the arm....leg...cheek. ( Our little drama queen I'm afraid ! ) She LOVES her ballerina tutu and will grab it every morning wanting to put it on.... Perhaps she'll have a career on Broadway one day ?? ! I'm often asked " Is it different raising boys and girls" and the answer most defintely is Y-E-S ! Enjoy the pictures of our growing weeds....