Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Year...New Soaps...New Endeavours...

As many of you know....over the last few months I have been entirely consumed in the soap making business. It's been so much fun ! It really has ..It's such a 'clean' project to embark on ...and the kids have thoroughly enjoyed helping me decide which scents we like best...trying out finished products..and helping me package and ship ! I have completed over 15 orders since Christmas and I truly appreciate your business and kind comments on our sudsy creations ! With the new year...I have decided to offer my finished soaps ( as well as my finished dolls and hooked rugs ) on a wonderful website of talented artist from across the nation. This website features numerous folk artists so please be sure to stop by ! I will be showcasing my finished items the First of March... and the first of each month thereafter. We've also decided to have a fresh new line of scents for spring and I have to say..... these are without a doubt the BEST finished soaps we've had yet. We have tested ( only on ourselves..not our animals !) and experimented with some new emollients and vegetable lathering ingredients....and as the boy's say... These soaps Rock ! New scents are as follows:

Fresh Ginger Soap : YUM !!! My favorite of all ! Our home made soap base Infused with all natural vegetable oils...avocado oil....coconut oil....grape seed oil...vitamin E...calendula petals.. Smells very clean and fresh. A sure favorite !

Lemon Sugar Soap: A cross between a fresh lemon and sweet sugar ! ( Carter's personal favorite ..) Our goat's milk soap base infused with Shea butter....vitamin E...calendula petals...natural vegetable, coconut, grape seed, and avocado oils.... Smells good enough to eat !

Lavender Bliss Soap : Probably the best lavender essential oil I've found has been added to our home made soap base with dried lavender...shea butter...vitamin E...grape seed...coconut..avacodo oils. Perfect for night time baths...and the ultimate stress relief soap !

Cucumber Melon Soap : ( Cole & Wendel's personal fav) Dried cucumbers have been added to our all natural shea butter soap base. Vitamin E...grape seed...avacodo....meadowfoam...and coconut oils make this soap super sudsy and moisturizing !

I will be posting on my shop blog : so be sure to stop there as well. Again, thanks for your messages...and purchases ! I look forward to seeing you at the Primitive Gathering this Spring !