Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday, November 4 (Election Day)

Just a quick thanks to all who ordered soaps from Fiddly Cat !! The majority of scents are currently on back order...but will be back in stock for Christmas stocking stuffers...gift giving..etc..

Our Ella will be ONE year old in two weeks !!!! We have the invitations ordered and are getting all the preparations in order for a big First Birthday for Miss Ella Rose ! We will have plenty of pictures for you to browse I'm sure ! She is doing so much now !!! I'll fill ya' in on that when we update with birthday pictures and reflections on the past 41/2 months that she's been home!

I have been so bummed out because I had lost our 'old' 'broken' camera that was broken...but still somehow took pictures....and I had misplaced the camera around the 11th of September (Carter's birthday) and while cleaning out the crumbs in the couch cushions...low and behold...the camera magically appeared !!! Hooray !

Hope everyone made it out to vote today ! the kids had fun helping me at my station and were pleased with my choice for who I think will / should be our next President of the United States.... We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed...Have a blessed week...

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Thistlebrooms said...

Hey Lucky Lady...yor families just Beautiful...Just dropping by...