Friday, March 7, 2008

We're here !!!!!!!!

Goodness ! What a day ! We had a good flight and are exhausted I'll write more tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures of Ella and Guatemala !


Marilyn said...

Let me be the First to Congradulate you Rach...HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU BOTH LOOK!!!With tears in my eyes & Love in my Heart I Wish you and your NEW Precious Daughter everything wonderful in Life...May you Always remember this Special Day with Love & Joy...(Up here we call it ~Gottya Day~)

Stephanie Topping said...

Glad you guys made it with no problems. Ella is beautiful. She looks like she is a good eater. Enjoy your time with her. Look forward to seeing more pictures of you two together and Br ack to. It is trying to snow here this morning. I'll check your blog later for more updates.

Love and Blessings