Friday, February 22, 2008

Our Adoption Journey continues....

Our adoption journey was shaken a little in late November as we lost our dear sweet Samantha Sofia. Her birth mom recanted and now Samantha will stay with her in Guatemala. We were of course, so disappointed that Samantha will not join our family, but thrilled that her mother was able to care for her !

Not long after losing our referral of Samantha...we were introduced to another beautiful little girl in need of a family ! Ironically, her name happened to be 'Samantha Rachel' and she is just too cute for words ! We're changing her name once the adoption is final to Isabella Rose . We'll call her 'Ella'. We, of course, accpted her referral and are currently waiting on Pre-approval ! Things have gone so much more smoothly with this adoption, and we're looking at bringing Isabella home this summer !!! Be sure to follow our journey both here and at our adoption website :


jaspertutu said...

Rachel and family,
What a beautiful little lady! I know you are all so excited about getting this angel. Enjoy every minute of your travel to Guatemala. This country is so rich in culture and beauty. Praying for a lovely visit with your darling daughter.
Tom, Lisa, Ben, and Caitlin Burgess

sofiagoinstrong said...

she's a doll Rach! I have been to Balize with our church group on a mission trip and my heart would just ache for some of the children. This is a wonderful thing you're doing. We are praying for your family and for Ella.
Jennifer W.